Finals and finishes

Wednesday night was a celebration night for us.  D and I got word that the condo sale was finalized.  Big news and I’m totally stoked as a result.  We celebrated with a lovely bottle of red wine — no, not the entire bottle — and I cooked us some lovely filet mignon with sautéed potatoes and green beans.  We were also celebrating the fact that I was successful in completing my course.  Good news all around.

I sit here on Saturday evening watching a little English football on tv while D makes the dough for our pizza tonight.  Tomorrow, the buyers of the condo will be here with their agent as they want to buy some of my furniture and electronics.  (I think the really large and really new flat screen HDTV in the living room made an impression!)  I’m not particularly tied to my furniture except, perhaps, the bedroom set.  The rest?  Well, surely it can go.  D reminded me that I need to think about the replacement cost of the sofa and dining sets.  Oooh, more shopping!

The next few weeks will be busy and wonderful.  We plan on leaving for France on May 10 or May 11.  That gives us a few weeks to get things packed and ready to be shipped.  In the meantime, I also have to buy shoes for the wedding plus the underpinnings for the dress.  There really is a lot left on the wedding to-do list…  Yes, more shopping!


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I am a woman in transition. I left my job of 13 years to find happiness and France!

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One Comment on “Finals and finishes”

  1. March 28, 2010 at 11:46 AM #

    Congratulations Tanya…you are on you’re way! Do you have a place yet in Paris? Of note: Prices for furniture and the like are astronomical here. If you are attached to anything you might consider shipping your furniture You can do it by crate and it takes awhile but it’s delivered to your door…eventually. It can cost up to 5 grand but perhaps you should peruse the french sites to see what you will have to replace and if it’s worth it to ship. Right now I am paying to keep my most treasured things in storage and if I stay in a more permanent residence, I will have it shipped.
    As for underpinnings….they are VERY important!

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