Saturday is market day

D is a morning person.  He regularly wakes up between 6 and 6:30 am every morning.  Without fail.  It would take an extremely late night to put him off his schedule and even then he’ll wake up at 7:30 am.  Me?  No such thing.  I’m a night owl but, since being with D, I’ve started to enjoy getting up early.  My definition of early is 7:30 am.  He’s good enough to let me sleep until then…except if it’s Saturday.  Every Saturday morning D wakes me up around 6:30 so that we can head to the farmer’s market downtown.

I love going to the market.  I love speaking with the producers of the food I eat.  I know that the cucumbers were just picked that week and came to Toronto by truck on a drive that’s less than 2 hours.  That’s my big splurge.  I absolutely love cucumbers and can easily go through one a day.  I love that the fruits and veg don’t look like they were made in a factory; the apples aren’t all the same size, shape, or colour.  And boy, do they ever taste good!  I know that the apples were not harvested yesterday; it’s not apple season yet.  But, I do know where they came from and who picked them and that makes waking up at 6:30 am worthwhile.

I’m looking for similar experiences in France.  In a country like France, where variety in locally grown and raised produce exists, I cannot wait to indulge!

I spoke with D about an hour ago.  He finally reached Coustellet after leaving Luxembourg yesterday.  His journey took him from Luxembourg to Metz to Strasbourg — overnight in Strasbourg — to Lyon and finally, on the TGV to Avignon.  All this because of construction in Luxembourg (therefore no direct trains to Avignon), the grounding of flights out of Paris, and a general strike in France.  Ah, la France et ses grèves!

All is well, however, for D and his parents.  And, as it approaches the dinner hour in France, it is soon time for a little apéro to start things off.  Tchin!

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I am a woman in transition. I left my job of 13 years to find happiness and France!

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