FFF – Digestifs

D and I have been together for almost three years.  In that time, I’ve eaten things I’ve never tried before (escargot) and things I’ve never thought I would ever eat (rabbit – so delish!).  It goes without saying that my overall consumption of cheese, bread, and wine has increased in the 3 years.  It is no surprise to me that I gained almost 15 pounds in that time.    

My regime:  two weeks of packing and moving boxes (weight training) combined with a healthy diet (meaning no wine and no cheese) et voilà!  Ten pounds lost!    

I worry now, as I’m here in France surrounded by D and his parents, I will quickly find those 10 pounds.  Gaining weight after moving to France is easy to do if you don’t pay attention.  How many of you end your meals with a digestif?  It is de rigueur here with les parents.  After dinner — although not immediately after — we retire to the ‘blue room’ (because it is blue) for a digestif with chocolates or some kind of appropriate sweet.    

A digestif is an alcoholic beverage that supposedly aids in digestion.  Here in Coustellet, le papy (D’s father) always offers a choice: Armagnac, Grand Marnier, or any other of the eaux de vie (cherry, plum, pear) he has on hand.  Rum is now also on his list of digestif but he only brings that out on special occasions. 

At Appleton Estate - tasting and selecting rum for le papy

While living in Jamaica as a child, when my parents had friends over for dinners they always ended the meals with rum so the idea of having a digestif is not entirely foreign. Rum was ever-present but my exposure to other after-dinner drinks was somewhat limited.  Sure, I had Grand Marnier from time to time but having a drink after a meal wasn’t something I really entertained.  Now, after dinner, I get to choose whether to try poire or mirabelle eaux de vie or perhaps play it safe and have a Grand Marnier.

Do these digestifs really aid in digestion?  I have no idea.  And really, does it even matter?  It’s really just another occasion to socialize and relax and have another good drink.

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I am a woman in transition. I left my job of 13 years to find happiness and self-fulfillment...in France!

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