The search continues: Days 2 and 3

Tuesday.  Apartment search in Nice. 

Maps and listings in hand, D and I left our hotel and headed straight to downtown Nice.  After parking our car, we had a list of several agencies we wanted to visit and we wasted no time.  The agencies in Nice seem to be the ones cornering the market in the region.  After giving our budget we were more often than not presented with at least two apartments that were available. 

(Speaking of budget, it’s at this point I feel it necessary to say that we’ve had to revisit our budget.  Our drive yesterday and our online search over the last 2 days revealed that there are definite areas we want to avoid.  There are also areas that we’d love to live in.  We’ve decided, therefore, to increase our budget to eliminate the undesirable areas.  Our budget doesn’t allow for a seafront apartment…alas.) 

I'd build my villa right here if I could


Our first apartment visit in Cagnes revealed a few things.  First, our budget may go a little further in Cagnes-sur-Mer than in Nice.  Maybe.  Second, I now know what 75 m2 looks like.  Aside from that, we weren’t impressed.  The apartment did have a salle de douche and a salle de bain plus a WC — bonus! — but the neighbourhood wasn’t the greatest.  We take our lessons from each miss and we move on. 

From our agency visits earlier in the day, we also lined up a viewing at an apartment in Nice.  I was more curious about the apartment as it was not a typical apartment.  That was the extent of my curiosity as I cannot see myself living near a train station.  Never.  First, the neighbourhood is livelier than I would want — am I getting old? — and second, given recent experiences I don’t think I want guys like Guy following me home.  The building is an old building and the apartment had nice, high ceilings.  Those were the good points.  The layout was strange; the tiles were a depressing shade of gray; the rooms were way too small.  Lessons learned. 

Our work on Monday proved to be successful however.  We have one visit for today (Wednesday) and several visits lined up for Thursday and Friday.  Two of the 6+ visits we have scheduled exceed our requirements on paper.  It remains to be seen whether the actual apartments live up to the hype. 

Today is a relax day though.  D has work to do — he’s on a conference call as I type — and I will be doing some more research on the area.  We’ll see the apartment today around noon and then I’ll probably head out to Vieux Nice for some sightseeing…and shopping!

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