My empire

D has taken to calling me Calamity Jane.  It sounds funny (in a cute way) with his French accent.  I chuckle…

I think he should call me Bathrobe Girl.  I’ve been in my jammies and bathrobe since waking up, a little late I might add, at 9:15 this morning.  Had D not woken me up — his stomach was telling him it was time to eat — I’m sure I would have slept until noon.  So, I’m here in my bathrobe.  It’s a mighty fine bathrobe too. 

What I should be doing right now is clearing away the clutter.  We leave Nice on Friday for a birthday weekend in Coustellet before heading to Paris on Monday.  We’ll be gone about 4 weeks, including a stop in Paris for a few days on the trip back from Toronto.  (We’ll be married by then, don’t ya know!)  We’ll stop in Coustellet on the way home for another birthday weekend (le papy‘s birthday) and then all 4 of us (les parents and les amoureux — that’s me and D!) head to Nice.  Well, I can’t be cleaning or clearing away clutter with les parents here, now can I? 

Instead of doing any of that I’m half sitting/half lying on the sofa with my feet stretched out in front of me on an ottoman.  Have you ever wondered about that word ottoman?  According to Wikipedia, the word was “introduced into English in the “footstool” sense in 1806 (probably from the identical French word, which also denotes a type of textile fabric), because the ottoman’s typical use in a reclining position was associated in Europe with the Orient (the East).”  That’s a little edification for today.  

Speaking of ottomans and empires, here’s a little peek at my cuisine.  It’s still a work in progress as I’m still trying to figure out where to put certain items.  Luckily, we have D has his new bar so I have extra cupboard space for my rarely used items.  What you can’t see is the super-huge pantry next to the fridge.  Stoooo-rraaaaaage!

My little kitchen and new appliances!

Close up of the tiles. Totally retro!

Oh, and here is one more photo from Monaco and a photo of me after my brother left.  I threw them in because I like them and well, HRH Albie would be pleased that I’m promoting his little principauté.  (Like he needs the help, right?) 

Overlooking the port in Monaco. My boat is docked somewhere there...

Post Ikea meltdown on the beach in Nice

On a totally unrelated note, I realized something a while back but I didn’t take the time to address it.  I’m always talking about la mamie or le papy.  (I may, in the future, refer to D’s uncle le M.)  It wasn’t until either Piglet or Karin referred to having (or not having) a mamie that I realized I’m doing a Franc-Comtois thing.  (I will explain more in a later post about Franche-Comté.) 

So, you can tell your friends that la Tanya told you all this useful(?) information!

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Author:Tanya in Transition

I am a woman in transition. I left my job of 13 years to find happiness and France!

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4 Comments on “My empire”

  1. September 1, 2010 at 3:12 PM #

    So once you’ve unblocked the gutter you’re going to be traveling and living out of a suitcase for 1 whole month and in that time you’re going to get married? wow, that’s one crazy life you lead Tanya.

    Great kitchen, check out those tiles, so retro!!!

    I’m not sure what you mean about doing a Franc-Comtois thing but I’m intrigued to read more in an upcoming episode of Tanya’s travels!

    As for lounging about in a bathrobe, I wish that that was me today… I’ve been feeling nauseous all morning and had to take myself off to see the pillocks at the tax office so I HAD to get dressed. I would much rather have stayed in a robe. Jealous!

    Safe travels Tanya and best of luck for the wedding.

    • September 2, 2010 at 11:23 AM #

      Hee-hee…yeah, why make life simple when you can do everything at one shot?!?!

      The Comtois? They refer to people with a definite article. It’s not “I saw Tanya yesterday” but “I saw the Tanya yesterday”. I’ve fallen into that habit and it’s only recently that I realized it. It’s always “la mamie” or “le Mimi” or something else…

      How ARE the pillocks at the tax office? 🙂

  2. September 2, 2010 at 4:18 PM #

    Dang, that’s one good-looking kitchen…bit jealous with the new appliances & all…looks sleek my friend!
    We only saw Monaco from the look-out point on the way into Italy, can’t wait to get a more up-close & personal view…looks beau-ti-ful 🙂
    And, I’m very curious about this mamie & papy business..Are these some French code words I’m missing out on?
    A bientot, xx

    • September 3, 2010 at 10:42 AM #

      It’s a proper kitchen and I’m enjoying it!

      Yup, more on the Franc-Comtois business. There’s no code, they just have some odd ways of expressing themselves. And you’re wondering how this differs from other French people?

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