Slowing Down

I’m a simple girl living a simple life.  At least I’m trying but things sometimes get in the way.  Take, for instance, the crazy schedule D and I have been living.  Since leaving Toronto on August 15th D and I have been living out of our suitcases…even while at home.  We’ve spent less than two weeks in Nice, dividing our time between Madrid, Amsterdam, and Paris.  As I type we’re chez les parents in Coustellet and we’ll be here until Sunday afternoon.  The challenge with being away from home is once you’re home you have to face the chores that await.

The worst part of this crazy schedule though is trying to keep track of where we are and where we’re supposed to be on a given day.  I sometimes wonder if we’ll turn up at the airport a day late/early.  Or, how about going to the train station when you have a flight to catch.

So, slowing down is an extremely good thing.

Luckily, D’s schedule on Friday afternoon allowed for a mini road trip and I adore these little getaways in the Vaucluse.  With the Luberon as a backdrop and the provençal blue sky cloud free, I donned my sunglasses and D and I headed out with les parents.  Our destination was the commune of Aurons (link is in French) not far from Salon-de-Provence.  We were on a mission to find a winery.  Not just any winery but one that D and I were familiar with.  Actually, it’s their rosé wine that we’re familiar with.

(During the summer months rosé wine is consumed in Provence in incredible quantities.  D and I, since moving to Nice, heartily embraced this practice.  Last year, after much non-scientific research, we found a rosé that we really enjoy: Chateau Petit Sonnailler.  At 3€40 at our local Carrefour what could be better?)

The drive from Coustellet should have taken only 45 minutes.  At least that’s what our Tom-Tom said…until he tried to make us go up what looked a crazy, run-down, cobble-stone footpath.  We balked and forced good ol’ Tom-Tom to find another route.  The drive was definitely worth it as we found ourselves surrounded by pinèdes (pine trees) and vineyards.  (They are currently harvesting the grapes and I would have loved to be there to see that and perhaps contribute a few minutes of my time.  However, as they start their vendange at 3 am I figured I would pass this year.)

We learned that the rosé wine we buy from Carrefour is not available at the estate.  We weren’t to be disappointed, however, as the rosé available at the estate was worth the trip.  Sure, the price was higher — around 6€/bottle — but it was worth it.  We also tasted the both white wines and the red wine and found them to be very good.

We loaded up the car with a couple few several boxes and headed home.  All I could think about was what I would serve with each wine.  My mind was racing with meal ideas and now I can’t wait to get home and get cooking.

Yes, slowing down to enjoy the sunshine and sample some good wine is an extremely good thing.

Le Sonnailler
13121 AURONS
Tel : 33 4 90 59 34 47
NB: bring your cheque book as credit cards/debit cards are not accepted.

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