Cheese’d off

With my last weekend here in Nice seeming like a distant memory and Christmas only a couple of weeks away, what better way to combine Nice and Christmas than with a quick trip through le village de Noël in Place Massena.  D and I had braved the crowds at the markets in Metz and Mulhouse but we weren’t prepared for the market in Nice.  It was a Sunday afternoon and it seemed that everyone and their cousin had the same idea.

We elbowed our way through the crowds because we had a destination in mind.  We were looking for cheese, specifically cheese from Savoie.  Last year, when SC visited with us, we had sampled and bought some cheese: delicious Beaufort, aged 18 months; and Gruyère, aged 30 months; and brebis (sheep) and chèvre (goat) cheese.  Not only is the cheese good — hooray for free samples! — but they will vacuum seal your cheese for you.  This is vitally important for SC who had to fly back to Toronto a few days later.

Our Savoyard vendors not only had cheese; they had saucisse too, which we happily sampled.  I admit that I didn’t sample all the saucisses that they had to offer.  I just couldn’t wrap my head or, more importantly, my tongue around the work âne (donkey).

His pays (region) was obviously calling and we soon found ourselves in front of the Franc-Comtois booth.  Of course, we had to sample their lovely Comté and Morbier cheeses, two of my favourites.

Before lactose overdose could set in we quickly moved on.  I spied some lovely macarons and other sweet goodies; I said no and turned away.  In the non-food category one vendor was selling finger puppets.  I may have to go back and get a handful for my niece.

I did get a hint of an answer to a question I posed last week: do they sell champagne at the marché de Noël in Epernay?  I figure, if there’s a champagne booth in Nice there has to be at least 50 in the Champagne region.

This time next week I’ll be posting from the Great White North (aka Canada).  I’ll be home for the holidays, as the song goes.  While I’ll miss the sunshine of le Côte d’Azur there’s nothing like Christmas and Mom’s home cooking to put a smile on my face.

À très bientôt mes amis!

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