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Dining in the 14th: Restaurant Monteleone

Business trips to Paris are always a lot of fun for me:  I get the trip without the business.  D’s schedule generally dictates in which arrondissement we stay and on our most recent stay we’d found a nice hotel in the 14th.  To my knowledge, there isn’t anything in this part of Paris.  At least, […]

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Le Charlot

Its full name is Le Charlot “roi des coquillages“.  The Art Deco decor serves to highlight the restaurants speciality: shellfish.  Everywhere you look, everywhere your gaze stops there is a shell, a coquille, a little reminder that you are in a seafood restaurant. And it was by sheer luck that D and I stopped at […]

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FFF – Food Frenzy Fridays

When I decided to write my own blog I knew that I would dedicate at least one day a week to talk about my favourite topic:  food!  Little did I know that my first posting on the topic would be a negative one.  Well, it’s a negative followed by a positive.  (I feel the need to […]

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