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Nuts, I say

The year generally ends this way.  There’s always a project to complete or people to meet.  With that comes the prospect of getting away from Nice for a few days.  (This may not be a good thing where the weather is concerned, especially if leaving Nice means heading north to colder temperatures.) Our itinerary was […]

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Love, lust, and desire

There are few things/people that I love, lust, and desire.  Actually, there is only one thing and one person that fall into each category.  Of course, the person is my husband D.  The thing? A Mercedes-Benz.  A car.  An automobile. It’s an odd thing really, to lust after a machine, an inanimate object.  I don’t […]

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Letting fate choose your wine

Accidents of fate.  Destiny. Do you believe in fate? I’m not a fatalist; I believe we are creators of our own destiny.  But, I do wonder at times how much of our destiny we actually create and how much is just…fated. My bout of questioning was inspired by a recent trip to Alsace.  And by a […]

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