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Get used to it

In my post last Wednesday I wrote about les français and their love of paperwork.  I’m learning to come to terms with the mass of paper that I’m likely to receive.  I realize that I may need to keep every single piece of paper the government sends me forever.  This is France after all.  Get used to it, […]

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Paperwork à la française

In this digital age it still surprises me at how much paper and paperwork the French like to dole out.  Ask any expat, regardless of country of origin, how much paperwork they’ve had to collect and/or provide and with their response will come some eye-rolling or head-shaking look of exasperation. It’s a little known fact and […]

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Getting organized: it’s visa time!

I am a planner. I like to plan things. I like making lists and organizing my stuff. The fact that I have lots of stuff and live in an apartment that’s about 200 sq ft smaller than my previous one bothers me.  The fact that I have only one closet in our apartment does drive […]

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