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Think Pink

There is something irresistible about pink flowers. They always remind me of my Mom who always seems to have bright pink begonias or Impatiens in her garden. Pink is so girly and when I saw them in Cours Saleya I couldn’t resist photographing them. These are for you Mom!

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I get a little adrenaline rush every time I get to the marché at Cours Saleya. I don’t know what it is and this time of year the buzz is more pronounced.  Cours Saleya hums with the sounds of French mixing in with English, German, and Italian.  Natives and tourists alike wander past stalls, stopping […]

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Picture This: Flowers

Today happened to be one of the few times I had my camera with me while at the market.  I marked this ‘occasion’ by snapping a quick photo of some of the lovely flowers for sale at Cours Saleya. My favourite flower is la pivoine (the peonie) but I do appreciate Mother Nature’s skill at […]

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