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Feeding my sweet tooth

One of the things I love about blogging and about Twitter is connecting with people I would have never connected with before.  Most of the people I follow fall in one or two categories: expats and foodies.  One such person is Jamie Schler from Life’s A Feast. I follow Jamie primarily via Twitter and so […]

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Having my cake

Paris is for lovers. And for those who love cake! As is usual during our trips to Paris I have the days to myself.  I generally decide in advance, through Google searches, direct recommendations, and re-reading blogs, how I will spend my free time.  So, for the two days that I had to myself on Tuesday and Wednesday I knew what I […]

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My moment of zen

This moment of zen was brought to you by Sugarplum Cake Shop. Imagine: layers of raspberry cake with strawberry buttercream cream cheese icing and a pot of rooibos tea. Zen indeed. Stay tuned for more…

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