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Half Moon_May 20114

Honeymoon in Jamaica: Half Moon Resort

Dreams do come true. Scratch that.  Dreams, with thorough planning and preparation, do come true. I admit, the first sentence carries with it a little bit of romance, a little chance.  At heart, I am a dreamer.  And I love romance.  Those close to me will also tell you that I’m also a very practical […]

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Living my (food) dream

When I got up this morning the sky was grey and thunder could be heard in the distance.  I wasn’t sure whether it had rained or was going to rain.  I hoped for the former as D and I needed to pop down to the market to get some food for lunch and dinner today.  […]

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This is the season of change. Actually, it’s been 5 months of change for me.  First, I decided to leave my job.  (Sure, they paid me to go but it was still my choice!)  Second, I decided to move to France with D.  (That was definitely my choice and the fulfillment of a dream.)  And […]

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What we need here is closure

The sale of my condo closed today at 3:15 pm.  This is cause for much celebration and if we had a bottle of champagne handy we would pop the cork and toast our future. The champagne will come.  Our celebration will take place on the weekend with les parents (D’s parents).  They are over the […]

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