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Nuts, I say

The year generally ends this way.  There’s always a project to complete or people to meet.  With that comes the prospect of getting away from Nice for a few days.  (This may not be a good thing where the weather is concerned, especially if leaving Nice means heading north to colder temperatures.) Our itinerary was […]

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Love, lust, and desire

There are few things/people that I love, lust, and desire.  Actually, there is only one thing and one person that fall into each category.  Of course, the person is my husband D.  The thing? A Mercedes-Benz.  A car.  An automobile. It’s an odd thing really, to lust after a machine, an inanimate object.  I don’t […]

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Picture this

D and I stayed at Hotel du Parc during our last trip to Alsace.  The hotel is all about the art deco style, which happens to be my favourite design style. The service and the food were both top notch.  Another plus: their bath gels, soaps, and body lotions are from L’Occitane en Provence. The […]

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