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Answer these questions

I guess B, over at Is there such a thing as too much Cheese, forgot to bring her list of 19 questions to our recent Blogapalooza.  She tagged me on a recent post and now I have to bare all. Here goes! 1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals or are they […]

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He’s no Keith Richards…and that’s a good thing!

Keith!  Keith!  Keith! I’m chanting his name as though he’s a prize-fighter.  Perhaps he is.  The knocks to his head may explain a thing or two about the crazy behaviour.  Check out his blogs here and here; you’ll understand what I mean.  Still, I chant his name:  Keith!  Keith!  Keith! In all seriousness, I’m chanting his name […]

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

What?  Me?  Stylish?  Oh, thank you very much Tuula! It was a Wednesday afternoon, I think, when I read Tuula’s post.  I was at my mother’s house in Markham, still on a high from our wedding the previous Saturday. I love Tuula’s blog mainly because she loves a lot of the things I love (good […]

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