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Partner in crime

If you arrived here thinking that this is an article about crime, you’ll be disappointed.  Sort of. No, this posting was inspired by the Stylish Blogger Award that SaraLouise bestowed on me.  And perhaps you’re still wondering what the award has to do with crime.  Well, I’m not talking about crime in illegal sense.  I’m […]

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He’s no Keith Richards…and that’s a good thing!

Keith!  Keith!  Keith! I’m chanting his name as though he’s a prize-fighter.  Perhaps he is.  The knocks to his head may explain a thing or two about the crazy behaviour.  Check out his blogs here and here; you’ll understand what I mean.  Still, I chant his name:  Keith!  Keith!  Keith! In all seriousness, I’m chanting his name […]

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

What?  Me?  Stylish?  Oh, thank you very much Tuula! It was a Wednesday afternoon, I think, when I read Tuula’s post.  I was at my mother’s house in Markham, still on a high from our wedding the previous Saturday. I love Tuula’s blog mainly because she loves a lot of the things I love (good […]

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