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Still celebrating the new year

Despite the delay at the airport on arriving in Paris on Monday, 2011 started beautifully.  The same was true for 2010. I don’t know how many of you plan or picture your year ahead but D and I started the habit of the year-in-preview in 2008.  We would look back at the good things that filled […]

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Digging through the archives for inspiration

It’s that time of year again when I decide to visit some old friends.  By friends I mean recipes.  Ah yes, those favourite recipes that are stained and torn from overuse.  I have a box filled with recipes that I’ve cut from various magazines and newspapers.  All these plus an assortment of cookbooks complete with photos can […]

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Trout, I know

D and I sat down for lunch in the summer kitchen with les parents yesterday afternoon.  While still warm outside, we have quite a few clouds hovering overhead.  (Piglet, do you have the sun there?)  Lunch was very good as usual; la mamie is a very good cook and even the simple meals are a […]

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